About Deguello MC


The president will be the Chief of the Executive Committee. All matters concerning relations between the Club and any outside person of the organization should be routed to the President for the appropriate action.  The President or his delegate will assume the Chair at all meetings. If necessary, the Chair may utilize the service of the Sergeant-At-Arms to aid in keeping the order. The Chair may not make or second any motion, and only vote on issues where their vote would affect the outcome, as in breaking a tie vote. 

Vice President

The Vice-President is the second-in-command to the President, and will assume all responsibilities and duties of the President in his absence. The Vice-President will act as the Prospect Officer. Additionally, he is the liaison between the President, Members and Prospects. 


The Secretary is responsible for making and keeping all Club records. This includes, but not limited to, the Membership list, By-Laws, Standing Rules, all written reports, copies of all correspondence between the Club and any outside person or organization and meeting minutes. The Secretary must notify active Members of special or emergency meetings and must notify all members of any appointments or elections in their absence. 


The Treasurer keeps all the funds of the Club. All in-issued Club Colors and Patches, as well as a record of Colors, Patches, or reproductions thereof issued to members. He may disburse funds to pay expenses as decided upon the Club. The Treasurer must keep an accurate record of all income and expenses. He is required to report the fiscal status of the Club at each meeting for the information of the Members.  

Sargent at Arms

The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for insuring the By-Laws and Standing Rules of the Club are not violated. He is responsible to insure the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for the policing and keeping order at Club Meetings and events. He is responsible for securing any patches or color for any Member who resigns or is expelled. The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for the safety and security of the Club, Members or Prospects. He shall immediately attempt to get the situation under control then notify the Executive Committee. The Sergeant-At-Arms will ride drag in a Club pack.  

Road Captain

The Road Captain is responsible for all Club runs. He shall research, plan and organize all runs. During the actual time of the road or at intermediate stops during the run, he shall act a as ranking Club officer, deferring only to the President or Vice-President if either of them is present. He shall supply the Secretary with any information required to notify outside agencies of impending Club runs in a timely manner. In the absence of the Road Captain the next highest ranking Officer will take charge of the pack 


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